Friday, 20 January 2017

TP 3.4

We get quite the returning cast for the last episode of season three. This is the Revenge of Jedikah.

An Egyptian tomb is opened, and a mummy takes over the body of the archaeologist. Cut to a copy of Stephen being on TV, drawing the attention of the real Stephen. The TPs slowly realise Jedikah is involved, and being a shape changer, they don't know who is real and so who can they trust? Jaunting around too much, John and Liz are attacked, and Jedikah finally has the other two at his mercy.

As well as Jedikah, we also get back Professor Cawston, Tricia Conway (who becomes a proper TP), Evergreen (Tyso's sister), and Colonel Masters (who is barely on screen before he's shot so they didn't get that actor back). And Philip Gilbert appears as his clones again. Gathering all these up, at the end of this, all the TPs are whisked away to the Trig and Jedikah is left a real man...

This is clearly an end of the series, with an opening left of "possibly coming back". This is a good ender, and would have made a good complete set. However there are some good stories still to come, so onto the next season.


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