Wednesday, 11 January 2017


This is one of them dramas pretending to be science fiction in order to get a different audience in.

It's a ship travelling to a far and distant planet, when an accident happens and one of the passengers is awokened. He stumbles around for a while, is unable to do anything useful, but decides to wake up a female passenger he's crushing on. [Note: This should be a spoiler, but the movie gets to this point before anything you've seen in the trailers, and this isn't a point of mystery at all.] What happens then is the two of them have the rest of their lives together because they will die before the ship arrives... except more accidents happen and it's likely the ship will blow up.

First up, this isn't really science fiction. The meat of the story is that man wakes up woman and they spend time together. That could be anywhere, and doesn't need to be in space let alone on this set up. That set up just provides for some action sequences, but this is a story that doesn't need it. So that's a thing.

But the main problem is that person one wakes up person two [as I said, the movie makes no mystery about this, whereas perhaps it should have?]. Yeah, the guy's a dick for waking her up, but I can see the motivation for him doing so. And without that, we wouldn't have much of a movie. As least, not the romance drama we have here. (Again the sci-fi trapping is getting in the way of the story, they want to talk about 'what if a man and a woman were the last people around?', and cludge it up with this wrapper.) Split this part out into a more concentrated on that movie and it could work. And being alone in space could work. But not really like this.

So after all that, if you are still wanting to see Passengers, at least you'll enjoy Laurence Fishburne and Michael Sheen.


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