Sunday, 8 January 2017

Boon Tomohowk

This is a modern western, in that it is a western, but now we are able to use modern techniques to really sell the gory details.

Some people are abducted from a small western town, so a group of four form a posse to go out and get them back, including the husband of the one woman taken, the sheriff and sort of deputy, and the stuck up guy who knows what's best. We follow them through the desert for a very long time, with one or two encounters, before finally getting to the cave of the evil peoples, and what that entails.

This gets graphic, but it's only really in the last part of the movie that it indulges in it. For the most part, we are following the four characters through the desert, and there is good stuff happening, but the movie really takes its time.

Like the other big western from recent memory, this features Kurt Russell in a gruff grizzly role. We also get Matthew Fox with a(n intentionally) terrible mustache, and Patrick Wilson, who I can't remember what I last saw him in.

The effects are very good, but I did spend the odd moment going "I think I can see where they put the wound application", so I wasn't completely involved. Still, very well done.

A good movie, check it out if you have any interest.


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