Saturday, 28 January 2017

Revengue of the NEEEERDS!

This is the actual final one, although I wouldn't be surprised by any announcement of a fifth one, or a reboot...

Booger's getting married, and of course his new family are upper class, anti-nerd types. Lewis and the crew from the next generation turn up, but it's mainly about Lewis and Booger, Jeanie and her family. There are attempts to sabotage the wedding, with claims of a daughter, and a tape of infidelity... but of course the bad guys get their comeuppance, and the leader of the family reveals who he is and gives in to his true self... a nouveau riche!

Actually, this is a fairly decent movie. There aren't childish pranks passing for comedy, and while we aren't talking sophistication here, it's a high-class low brow comedy. The actual arc of Booger evolves the character, and the other characters are actual supporting cast, as opposed to trying to one-up with their own gimmicks. And we get another decent female character beyond Betty with Jeanie, played by Corinne Bohrer, so... yes.

This actually counts as a movie not to be avoided! It took them some tries, but they got there in the end.

And with that over, let's head back to more usual territory.


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