Friday, 27 January 2017

TP 4.1

We start a new season, and we have yet another Tomorrow Person. This is One Law.

Mike Bell is a.. well, chav, really, but he has a magical ability to open locks. Some unscrupulous people find out about this, and in various ways force him to help them open locks for wealth. The other TPs return from the Trig and find out there's someone else running around with abilities, and track Mike down. They rescue him, but then he raises more than a little suspicions when he seems to team up with the bad guy... but it's all a ruse.

Mike Holoway was a kid in a band at the time, thus famous, thus a good pull for crowds for this show. However, this story shows that they couldn't really find enough for four people to do, Tyso is incredibly sidelined, and Stephen isn't up to much, so with five people some kids are going to have to leave. But that's to come. For now, we focus on Mike and the others hang around looking useless.

And speaking of useless, back in the day, an extra wasn't allowed to speak (then you'd have to pay them more!), so we get silent acting from Mike's mum and sister, and extreme shocked, yet completely silent, reaction from a meals on wheels lady. Very ridiculous.

The story is a bit too common, with just normal jewel thieves, to really raise an interest for the TP series, but the point here was to bring in Mike, so that job is done at least.


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