Saturday, 11 March 2017


This movie is cursed! Cursed! Because it is the Curse of Michael Myers... although the subtitles of these movies are never shown.

This does sort of carry on from the previous movie, but they jump five years and now the young girl from the previous movie is giving birth? Whut? Finally, after all these movies, and I was just thinking about this as I watched the movie, we get some kind of backstory explaining why Michael is the way he is. We know the deal of Jason and Freddy, but not really Michael, he's just a guy that goes around killing people. No, it turns out he is the being that will sacrifice his family on Halloween as the token for not sacrificing the rest of humanity (the idea does crop up, look up some of the darker meaning behind the winter solstice celebration some time).

But this... whut? Again, it's quite stupid, and they try to tie it into a Norse rune and a cult, the leader of which was the man who was wandering around last time, and... it doesn't really make any sense, to be honest. There is hint of another kid hearing voices like Michael did, but doesn't pan out. As does neither the baby.

Did they think there was going to be another movie? This does feel like they tied up some threads, and gave us story, but there are new plot elements that are left open, so...

But I doubt the next movie will care about any of this.


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