Friday, 10 March 2017

TP 6.2

As with Godwin, any series that lasts long enough will end up with a Hitler episode. This is Hitler's Last Secret.

Mike seems to be the easily brainwashed one, and this time is getting into the Hitler craze and wants to obey him. As it happens, there's a bunker that contains teenagers whose ages were halted and now are around many years later looking after sleeping chambers. And who happens to be in one? Hitler! But, Hitler is in fact a shape changing alien from another planet (not Jedikiah), and is ready to come back. People's genes have been changed and now they all want to obey him. Fortunately, John has a stun gun and that's all that's needed to overcome the new reich.

I have to say this is a decent two-parter. They combine Hilter with a mixture of science for keeping characters young (to keep the program aimed at a younger audience) and throw in that Hitler is an alien. And they express disapproval of the whole Nazi paraphernalia, so it would hold up even today.

It's a shame the small scale, but still it's well done and a lot better than I was expecting a story involving Hitler to be.


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