Monday, 29 May 2017

Doctor Who 10.7

And Stephen Moffat continues to be involved... and thus this continues to not appoint (the opposite the disappoint?).

Again, not a huge point to this episode. The whole bit about the pyramid and the armies are completely pointless and take up time while the main point of the episode, getting Bill to give over her consent and get the Doctor unblinded, is basically done in a side plot.

Again this is just set up for the next episode. It isn't tense, it isn't subtle, the set up is obvious, and then the only few minutes where anything surprising happens is when the Doctor sort of saves the day and the clock goes backwards, but that's just to finish getting things in place.

In fact, I've just realised, the Doctor is assuming a lot that the aliens are using the cameras and that no other place happens to get their cameras up and running quickly. And then let's hope that the virus isn't sticking to anyone's clothes or in Nardo's lungs, but then the clock went backwards, so let's never reference that problem again. (I would complain that the character doesn't think that 118.9 is odd, but they go out of their way to point out he's got a hangover and she can't see properly.)

Doctor Who has never been shy of convenient coincidences, but when the whole episode is based around setting it up, screw it, it's no good.

NEXT TIME: What a hodge podge of images. I refuse to make anything of it, aside from this possibly being worse than Wedding of River Song.

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evildicemonkey said...

"Hey Bill, there's something I haven't told you... I can regenerate from the explosion, giving up your planet for my eyes is a waste."