Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Black Girl

This is actually two movies from director Ousmane Sembene. The first, main, movie is Black Girl.

This is about Diouana, a young woman from Dakar. She gets to be a children's maid for a white family, then leaves that life to go back with them to France. However there, there are no children, and she is expected to be the maid for all their whims. She's not happy about that, and takes her leave.

This get very dark at the end. It's not a happy-go-lucky film by any stretch, but I can't say I was expecting that. I don't know if this is supposed to be a typical experience, or just a one off, but I'm hoping others have it better? The more likeable moment is when the Dakarians refuse to take the white people's money.

With this was shown Borom Sarret, which follows a taxi driver (well, a cart with horse driver) who doesn't have the best of luck. Ousmane isn't the cheeriest of people, but it isn't quite as down beat ending as the other movie (although it definitely is not a happy ending).

Upcoming is a documentary about Ousmane, so having seen this will help.


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