Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Johnny Wickenstein

Hey, it's another action movie with Keanu Reeves.

It's more action... with even less plot. Everyone is an assassin and they have a whole code of ethics thing they work by, so it leads John to going to kill someone even though he wants out. Also, he wants his car, so there's that as well.

This is just as slick as the first movie, so there are amazing moments to watch. But that's really all there is. There is a thin veneer of a story to link these together, but it isn't worth thinking about too much.

Keanu is still good, he's clearly keeping up his fitness training. Ian McShane is the other big reason to watch this, not because he's a fighter, just because he's always smooth as ever. There is a woman in this... but because this is a male fantasy movie, she's mute, although she is able to kick a lot of ass.

There is a set up for a third movie, so we have another set of movies starring Keanu and fighting that didn't need to more than a first movie.


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