Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Babby Drivr

Okay, Edger Wright, you have my attention. Let's go!

Baby is a driver (I know, spoilers right), and is roped in for jobs to get people away. After one job, he's out, and falls in love, but then he's dragged back in, and it goes about as well as someone who is dragged into a job he doesn't want to do in an action movie will go.

Right, this is a bit of a confession. This is slickly put together but... the fun seems mis-aimed. This isn't to say that Edger should never make a film without Pegg and Frost, but like Scott Pilgrim, this is more of a concept put together than an actual movie. The scenes are deliberately and intentionally cut to music, which means the movie is bending to the requirements of the beat than the inherent pace of the plot.

It's a decent enough movie, but please get back together with your friends and have more Cornettoes.


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