Monday, 31 July 2017

TELOS: Ghost Ship

Oh yes, we are going with gimmicky writing style. This is a story as told with the Fourth Doctor narrating… and you wouldn’t for a moment believe that this is him, even though this is supposed to be him in full on moody mode. This is more reminiscent of writing of a hundred years ago, which is fitting as that is the time period this is set in, what with being on a ship with ghosts.

A whole lot of time is spent on the Doctor claiming he doesn’t believe in ghosts and then is presented with ghosts, so needs to go and hide his head. At yet, when it comes to it, we get to the moment where there is an explanation, and just *sigh* let’s get on with it. This is Doctor Who, after all, so there must be an explanation, which does kind of undermine the existential dread the Doctor is supposed to feel.

Keith Topping doesn’t always produce the best stories, and this is right up there with other stories of his I’m not enthralled by. I can’t say that this is a great example of why people should be reading these novellas.


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