Wednesday, 4 October 2017

K2: T'GC

It's the sequel no-one really asked for, and if they did, did they really want this?

If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the basic plot. Kingsman gets blown up, so they go to America and the Statesman happen. I don't think they reveal too much who the villain is? But it gets revealed early that it is Julianne Moore, so there is that. Really... there isn't much of note that happens. We get various scenes that happened to be in this movie, and there isn't anything surprising to surprise you.

Performances are fine, production is similar to the previous movie and... did we need this movie? It felt like no-one really put any effort into anything, up to and including the return of Colin Firth's character.

I have no doubt that this will make its money back, and so we'll probably get another one, but we didn't need this, so I can't say I'm waiting for a third.


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