Monday, 2 October 2017

TELOS: Companion Piece

Here’s something different, Robert Tucker and Mike Tucker wrote a Seventh Doctor story! But, no, it really is different, because it doesn’t have Ace in it!

The Doctor and Cat land in a future religious settlement who are freaked out there is a Time Lord around. The Inquisition is called, and the Doctor and Cat are captured, in various ways, and are taken away.

And the plot is all over the place. The pacing is terrible. Was this a first draft they never spent any more time on? We bounce between the Doctor getting so much tortured you’d think Kate Orman wrote this, to philosophical discussions about the nature of Roman Catholicism in the future. Although they aren’t very good discussions, despite what the opening foreward would have you believe.

I’ve seen this duo do so much better and that final twist… were we supposed to work it out before the end, ‘cos I realised it a while before, so I’m not sure how surprised I’m meant to be. Not a great story.


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