Monday, 27 July 2020

Le Miracle du Saint Inconnu

Want to see a superior Arabic version of Bluestreak? Here you go!

A thief is on the run, buries his cash and marks it as a grave... and after spending time in prison comes back to find it is now the shrine of an unknown saint, has a town cropped up nearby which ruined another nearby town. So begins the tale of this town, the thief trying to get his money back, the guard loving his dog more than his son, a new doctor who immediately gets bored with this life, and other characters.

"Black comedy" is an easy go to, but this is correct for this movie. Although this movie is slow, it is really good, and the humour is light enough to not be too depressingly black. This movie reminds me a lot of Catch 22 in its humour of "you know what, just roll with it".

There are one or two suitably serious actors playing serious characters, but otherwise the rest of the crew seem to happily be leaning into the absurdity of this.

Great movie, much recommend.


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