Sunday, 26 July 2020


Documentary time, with this movie about the mayor of Ramallah.

Ramallah is in Palestine, within sight of Jersulam, and we are following the Mayor as he is trying to make sure his city has a brand. And then we get Trump's announcement of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and... not great things happen. There are initial riots he has to deal with, then go on an international stage to bring light to their situation. And then we get the moment when soldiers enter the city and the Mayor, and the crew, are stuck inside while that is happening.

The Mayor is quite charismatic, although you can get a sense of the frustration he has running the city... and you can also get a sense that he speaks big about some promises you know are going to get into trouble getting done. So, typical mayor then.

I don't know how much David Otis filmed, but the Trump line was a great moment to examine this city. What do they have to put up with as this overseas buffoon makes random announcements he doesn't really care about. They survive, but there are some not pretty moments.

Nice time capsule captured, well done movie.



Morgan Davie said...

Thanks for this Jamas, I was interested in this film When i saw it in the catalogue!

Jamas Enright said...

I have a list of about 20 movies I want to see!