Monday, 25 August 2008

On-line Doctor Who Reading... and off!

There are many books in the world of Doctor Who, particularly novelisations of TV episodes. However, not all the episodes got novelised, with just five stories not making it... NZDWFC members decided to take matters into their own hand, and novelise the missing ones, and now the last missing novelisation is online! City of Death, by David Lawrence, is up and running. I remember reading "The Original Fish" (geddit? COD?) and thinking that Paul's suggestions of what to focus on wasn't that far off... (that said, I would love to see David finish off his version of Power of the Daleks). This is yet another version, so something else to check out even if you have the book.

Also, there are more than just Target novelisations, there are new adventures. For example, Jim Mortimore's Campaign (hey, there are actually posts on the discussion board!). Now, I have mentioned it before, but I now have a copy of the physical book. This is a fantastic item to actually have to hold, available from Pyrrhic Pressure (which I can't find online). However, rather than me discuss it, I'll just recommend you to Paul Scoones' comments.


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Foo said...

Interesting post, I will have to read David's author notes and the process of novelising the story time at the moment.

Hmmm, Campaign, that reminds me. I HAVE to read that soon and get your hard copy back to you!