Sunday, 5 April 2009

12 rounds of ideas

I have seen the movie 12 Rounds. By which I mean I haven't seen that movie, but I have seen enough to know exactly what happens. By which I mean I have seen the trailer, and have some idea of how these movies play out. I present the trailer and then my ideas, but I'll hide it away from the main page at least.

Right. First off, we have the hero (and I use the term dubiously, see later point) doing the villain's bidding. Not entirely new ground there. And so I predict there will be a moment where the hero says (or rather, thinks, because he doesn't want the bad guy to know) "I will take this no more, and will do something more active to find the person responsible and do my own thing."

I also see him jumping out of the helicopter with his girlfriend. This is clearly at the end of the movie, the big finish, where he has to save his girlfriend (or maybe wife, I have no idea, wasn't paying enough attention) by jumping into the copter then back out again with his SO right before it blows up, taking, I'm guessing, the bad guy with him. Skip the rest of the movie, it comes down to that.

And as for the hero, he got into trouble because the killer's girlfriend (wife?) died by accident. Thus the hero's girlfriend will suffer. And to get her back, to save her one life, the hero will kill around... oh, say... a thousand people in accidents and such. But, hey, it's in the name of love, and none of them will have faces (except for the fat guy in the elevator, which looks to be the only death that will matter). What's a little collateral damage compared to that.

Thus, from the trailer, we know the set-up, some of the set pieces that will give the hero ANGUISH and DRAMA and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, before the final explosion in which he will save the day (and his girlfriend, if not the other poor fools who were going about their lives). Well, saves time to do it this way, I suppose.


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