Monday, 6 April 2009

I see a Doctor

And a companion. At... Armageddon! Went both days, and saw Peter Davison and Mark Strickson. (And others... but that'll be other posts.) More pictures below the fold.

Despite the pictures, not a lot of that exciting information was revealed. I now know what their favourite episodes are (Hint: Caves of Androzani and Mawdryn Undead), their favourite enemies (Cybermen and Daleks), and that Peter had no control over the celery and Mark had to dye his hair.

Some more interesting tidbits do include that Peter is no fan of Torchwood. Also, he's met with Matt Smith, who is apparently too young to remember Doctor Who and asked such questions as "Why does the Doctor let them go and not kill them?" (Because he's the Doctor!)

Mark is currently working in Dunedin doing nature programs for New Zealand TV. He would only return to the series if he could have the lead (as it's a better role!). His funniest moment from the series is from The Five Doctors, and involves the Dalek unable to stop moving ahead, and the voice overs going "Shit! Missed the buggers!"


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