Wednesday, 15 April 2009

HC Again

Due to Easter, was able to get in more gaming than usual.

On Good Friday, got in and headed into the Cubical Jungle. Sherlock and Terry had this long-standing issue of finding the Library of Skulls. So that was the mission. Nice and simple, nothing exciting to happen (aside from the death of the Sleestak. Didn't expect to fall over a major plot point. Heroic Cthulhu The Genocide Edition.

On the Saturday, events continued as we ended on a cliff hanger. Did a bit of poking at the problem and found something... not that exciting really. KBC Fish Tank.

Then we decided that someone we didn't like had to die. Logan said he wasn't in the country and wasn't coming back any time soon. Then sounded surprised when we said 'okay, we go to him'. Didn't quite work out as we had planned. Hot Swedish Babes.


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