Thursday, 16 April 2009

Return to Red Dwarf

Not only did we get a new Doctor Who episode this Easter, we were also treated to brand new episodes of Red Dwarf. Yay! And by ‘yay!’ I mean ‘I don’t like the stuff written by Doug Naylor without Rob Grant, oh dear’.

Oh dear indeed, dear readers. The first episode was very much ‘classic Dwarf’, with a run-around with a weird monster. The second episode goes all surreal, and very metaphysical. And the third episode… what the hell just happened? Not only was the middle just plain bad, the ending completely undercut everything, tried to make it all ‘Dwarfy’ and just fails.

Which isn’t to say it isn’t nice to see the boys from the Dwarf back, but this really cements that the era is over. Give it up, Doug, move on to something else. Or get Rob back, please. Certainly there could be another series set in that universe, but the actors are getting on with their own lives and definitely what happened to Chloe Arnett?

I’m sure all hardcore Dwarfers will be checking this out, but to be honest, check out the Reception section of the Wiki entry. Pretty much says it all.


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