Monday, 5 October 2009


So, when this is posted, I'll be in Auckland, all things going well. I'll be popping up the night before(*), so wouldn't have had a chance to catch up with people I know.

It's a really fly-by visit for work, but there are a few things I wouldn't mind going up to Auckland to try. Walking, or even jumping off, the top of the Sky Tower (although the prices don't impress). Maybe consider bungy jumping. Although more likely just cruise the sites.

However, don't get to go up that often. Usually when I do, it's because of some other event. That said, haven't gone up for a sci-fi conference recently, and Armageddon isn't the draw this year (and isn't in the main town centre anyway).

Any particular parts of Auckland you think are "Must See"?

(*)What tense structure do you use when writing something that should have happened by the time this is read?


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