Tuesday, 6 October 2009

DW: The Krillitane Storm

Last up, and while the first book didn't mention the monsters, the second book made a pun, in this case... not even not trying to. The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper.

It's the twelfth century, so you know there's going to be lots of aliens, including the Krillitane... which is handy, as that's what we get! (What? Why? Can not we have an actually historical historical? But this isn't the first time I've complained.

Clearly, the obvious reason for this being set that then is... nothing to do with Earth. It's more about the Krillitane history, and without time travel being all over the place we have to be in Earth's history. That said, not sure why we have to be on Earth, per se, other than an easy setting (in which, yes, aliens can be put).

It's an interesting take on the Krillies, to make them slightly more complex than "we eat you!", but at the end, during the big fight, I really couldn't care who won, and wondered if "kill them all" was an option. Not to mention not being exactly sure why there were some fights going on, other than it was the climax, and that's what you do. Bit of a mess all round, story-wise.

Not that much better character-wise. The aliens look human, and even have extremely human names. (What? Really?) Not sure where they all came from either, as we haven't really had many humanoidal races in Earth's past. (That said, I'm suddenly flashing back to The Empire of Glass.) The pseudo-companion may as well have been human, and the bad guys were basically one-dimensional. Unfortunately, I doubt the blue-skinned woman was a reference to Raffalo.

Some interesting premises here, but largely a run-around.

ORDER: Yeah, whatever.


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