Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Movie etiquette

One aspect of going to the movies: other people. Most of the movies were fairly empty, but often there can be people nearby. And definitely the plural. I know, 'cos they talk. And they know they're not supposed to, because they whisper. The opening blather(*) says 'not to talk' but they must! Are they here to watch a movie, or to get a joined experience they want to discuss while having it? I suspect the latter, and we have to suffer.

Then there are cellphone users. I remember one time, one girl was continually checking hers throughout the movie that even her cellphone using friends beside her told her to leave!

I would yell at them... but I'm too passive-agressive. Surely they should know from the glaring looks they can't see!

A movie is an experience, but there are some experiences whilst there I don't want.

(*) This didn't run during the documentary festival. They just launched into it. It feels weird not to have half an hour of crap to make you forget what you came in to watch.


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