Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Abide the Law!!!

[Since I'm at Readings, may as well catch up with mainstream movies.]

From the trailer I wasn't expecting a heart warming journey of a man against the odds coming to acknowledge his true self and growing as a person... which was just as well as this movie was one death after another!

After one man looses his family and doesn't see justice, he goes insane and decides to teach some lessons to those involved. Although he takes a while to do so. Oh, and just so happens to be the one man with the facilities to do so, so that's usefully convenient. The 'hero' of the picture is the guy who denied the justice in the first case, but...

There is a large element of grey in this movie. Is Gerald Butler good turned evil? Is Jamie Foxx evil turned good? For certain aspects, the audience is on the side of Gerald, but eventually we are supposed to root for Jamie to stop him. I guess. As I indicate, there is no real 'good', so 'hero' doesn't really apply to any of them. [Once again, we have that the person with the family is the one we want to see live. Frankly, I think it could have been a powerful movie if the hero gave his life to save the family, but this wasn't set up to allow that.]

This movie relies heavily on "master tactician"ing to get from one motivational moment to the next. That said... don't go in expecting a plot, and, it has to be said, expecting a brilliant ending either. Entertaining otherwise.


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