Saturday, 19 February 2011

101 Ways to Pad Out a Gameshow

So I saw a new gameshow out, looked mildly amusing, thought I'd give it a go.

The idea is: you've got a panel of people trying to answer a question. With the question, there are a number of right answers, but one wrong answer. The person who has the wrong answer leaves the gameshow... through some overdone manner, usually dropping into a pool from a height.

So far, slightly different. However, the problem is... Take the first round, once everyone has a (distinct) answer, the host eliminates them (from being wrong) one by one. "The first right answer... is... Bobby Joe..." Reaction shot from person who had that answer, then a headshot comment, and on to the next person. Repeat. Again. And again. And - GET FRICKING ON WITH IT! And when down to two people "I'm now going to reveal the wrong answer... in 5... 4.... 3..... 2....... 1....... the wrong answer is... Tutti-Fruiti!" Person is then "hilariously" thrown into the pool, or whatever.

And it just takes far too long. There are only six rounds, and I'm surprised they can manage to get through them all in an hour given the overly drawn out antics of them all (and I mean a full hour, this is a British show, not an American 'hour' of 45 minutes plus too many ads). Indeed, that may be an issue, in that it's stretched to an hour, but there isn't an hour of material.

Frankly, you get the whole idea after one episode. I've seen four... I'm done now.


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