Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bus Rage

There any many things that annoy me about catching the bus. One of the really annoying ones is that the bus you would have arrived on time for was early, but the next one is late!

More annoying that that is when people rush up to the bus as it's about to pull away, and the bus driver lets them on. I'm already on! Sod them, come on, get on with it! Unless I'm the one running late, in which case that's totally cool.

But what's really annoying is: people are waiting for the bus. They are at the stop, they've got time, and then they can see the bus coming. It arrives, you queue, and eventually it's your turn with the driver... and then... AND THEN!!! THEN you start looking for your wallet or card or whatever, and you have to dig through your pockets or bag or purse or whatever... WHAT THE HELL were you doing while you were waiting!?!? You knew you were going to get on the bus, you knew you were going to have to pay, you knew you were going to have to get some payment method out... what the hell??? Are you some kind of moron that can't plan for more than five seconds ahead????? Fuck you, man. Fuck. You. I use a card, I have it ready, I'm able to prepare for actually stepping onto a bus. You, bugger off.

And then there's the time when the bus drivers are changing, and you're sitting there waiting, and another bus you could have caught instead if you knew that the drivers were going to chat for five minutes and not actually drive anyone anywhere. What's up with that?

What gives you Bus Rage?



evildicemonkey said...


But then I'm English and we enjoy this sort of thing.

Jet Simian said...

Bus doesn't turn up at all, next bus is late = you are twenty minutes late to work along with a busload of other grumpy people and no explanation from newlands Cach Services.

When? Why only this morning. day hasn't improved yet.

Jet Simian said...

And I was five minutes early to begin with!!!

Jamas Enright said...

Unlike England, we don't have complimentary tea served. ;)

Yeah, 5 minutes early isn't enough is really irritating. I understand stochastic processes to know why... doesn't mean I tolerate it in practice.