Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On Strange Tiders

Big surprise! Another Pie Rat movie! Bigger surprise! It's the fourth movie, and it's showing signs of wear.

This time, they are after the fountain of youth, and this involves sailing around, a couple of fights, and lots of watching Captain Jack Sparrow be Captain Jack Sparrow. ...and, there's a minor serious plot, but you wouldn't believe it. By which I mean, you wouldn't believe they bothered to insert this plot given it doesn't really fit with the rest of the movie. It's like the director thought the priest and the mermaid were the big stars of the series, and thought the audience would vitally care about whatever it was they were wittering on about...

While this isn't as bad as what MovieBob thinks, but this isn't the thrilling escapades of the previous movies. Moreover, there is a big lack in this movie. One of the more interesting parts of the prior movies were supernatural creatures. The supernatural is distinctly missing in this movie. There is some, but not in any interesting way. And one of the other interesting parts is the build up of on screen chemistry between Elizabeth and... well, about every other male lead. That's missing too, and Angelica isn't much of a replacement.

Johnny Depp and especially Geoffry Rush are phoning performances in. Ian McShane is trying hard to be impressive, but is outclassing the movie. And Penelope Cruz is there to look pretty and be fiery and exotic. Meh.

Not a brilliant movie, so when you do go see it, go on a cheap day.


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