Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gotter-GAMMA-rung - 8

[Reminder: this is running from the Gamma World rule books. This part of the adventure is from the first expansion book.]

In the name of the Iron King, we head to Far-Go in East Dahkohtah. While they are normally a rich productive place, they've been having problems, so we've been sent in to sort it out, gain the love of the people, and in turn bring them under the wing of the Iron King. Well, that's the plan, and we are under command of a nightmare spider to make sure we stick to it.

Getting closer, we see crop fields that seem to be failing, and, closer, come across a vineyard with large orange grapes with grey insides. Huh. Not that tasty. Inside, we find some humans who gabber about plant creatures rampaging through the town and killing people. As if.

Nearer the centre of town, we encounter plant/fungi creatures, and they are controlling plant zombies. Hmm... The zombies aren't much, but the flying fungi things are more annoying. They make us blind, so there is some trouble pinning them down before slaying them.

Moving on, we hear the cries of someone up ahead, trapped in a car... surrounded by more, different, plant creatures. Now these ones are even more annoying. When they die, they throw out spores to infect others, and then those others spawn more plant creatures! And the bigger ones are extremely dodgy. Now that fight took a while longer to deal with them. The threat of spawning plants caused hasty decisions to help each other, even that spider...

With them out of the way, we can free the old man in the car and now for his story...


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