Saturday, 10 September 2011

Block the Attack

It's a UK movie, not a US one, so it's already got a head start there. It's that movie about some crazy kids who come together to overcome adversity...

Only, in this case, the kids are a bunch of hoodlums that start the movie attacking a woman (who later forgives them), and the adversity is an alien invasion. Although it's all all right because in the end the kids learn a valuable life lesson about being themselves (the lead character/kid is called Moses, gee, laying the metaphor on too thin?).

While the aliens are just a conduit for the kids to learn to like themselves, I preferred the aliens over the kids. Indeed, given the beginning, I'm not the only one rooting for the aliens to kick their asses. And the aliens are pretty cool. Completely black with glowing mouths, nice! (Now we need a movie where the aliens are invisible... oh, wait.)

A lot of people did like this movie, and, as I mention, the effects are great, but the story just doesn't work, and not even a minor role by Nick Frost can save it for me.


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