Sunday, 11 September 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Ten

It still manages to take its time, right up to the end! Gaargh!

At least they had Gwen acknowledge the full impact of what they were doing, ie bringing death to everyone. And, at the end, it was slap bang Torchwood's act that brought it back. Although I'm not sure why everyone hung around and let them do it. There's a difference between "don't shoot him" and "restrain him by some other method than shooting him". Yes, picky to the end, me.

(Speaking of picky, RTD, as expected, completely fails to explain anything, including why the Blessing made Jack mortal/immortal.)

Anyway, this is it, the full she-bang... and... I just can't bring myself to say 'yay' about the arc. Although they go world spanning and impact on all of humanity... at the end, just like in Children of Earth, come to think of it, they bring it back to a small room in which a couple of people make a sacrifice, and the whole world impact side of things is completely forgotten. Indeed, the next scene is Esther's funeral, and the killing of the 'traitor' and predictable reveal of the nature of Rex (and if that actor doesn't want to come back, oops...).

The ending just doesn't match the reach the rest of the series was trying to attain.

...and I don't even want to start on the 'it was just a trial run' scene...

Next time: We can only hope not, at this point.


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