Monday, 12 September 2011

DW: 6.10

Huh... um... wow... need some time to digest that. Quite the powerful story. And shows quite effectively you don't need a big roaring killing monster to tell a Doctor Who story. (Although I'm glad they don't do this sort of show every week.)

The Moffat series has always been more willing to experiment with story telling and time, and this is no different. We've seen occasional glimpses into the future before with them, but this confronts us with the reality of actually living full time with the consequences. And with only the core three cast members, and even then the Doctor is largely sidelined, this becomes a very poignant moment. "You're Amy. And he's Rory." That's a line that sticks with you.

Karen Gillan finally gets a decent acting gig, having to give a far more realised portrayal of someone who, up to now, has largely been "feisty" and "with her boys". And this works. Not perfectly, still some uncertainty there, but if young Amy could have this as well, she would work so much better. And Arthur Darvill delivers a great Rory too. It would be amazing to see how the actors prepared for the final through-the-TARDIS-door moment, but I'm sure the actual filming was long and tedious and full of stops and starts for technical reasons.

This is a story more for the adults than the kiddies. I'd like to think it gives some real depth to the TARDIS companions, but I know about the realities of TV scripting. Still, damn fine show.

Next week: Lots like filler with a big roaring killing monster.


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