Thursday, 19 January 2012


So, this SOPA thing seems to be happening. (It was stopped for a while, but then the next day they were like 'psych!')

What is SOPA? Well, the easiest way to find out is to go to Wikipaedia. Anywhere in Wikipaedia, it won't matter, as that's all you'll see for now. [I would black out my site except... I'm not sure how, and I doubt it'll really send a message that would worry the big names in America...]

And yes, if SOPA happens, it'll kill off a lot of my blog. Videos I link to, probably even movies I "review", and I talk a lot about movies, all gone! (And my precious LPs I like to watch and refer to, gone too!)

On the other hand... if this does happen... it would make for a fascinating sociological experiment. Something will happen to bypass it all, or people will come to realise that they don't need the internet or... something, and, yes, sooner or later people would become used to it... but it would be an interesting shift to see.

That all said... Fuck off, SOPA!

Something that can be done:


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