Saturday, 14 January 2012

Not the Next Top

Season two of Face Off has just begun, and, of course, they have a whole batch of new people. Which raises an issue about more than one season of this sort of show. Presumably, in season one, they found the best person for the role evah! So... who's in season one?

Better than Season One: they found a lot of even better people this time! Moreover, this means that the person who is kicked out at the end of the first episode is better than every single person in season one. Really?

Worse than Season One: This is the best of what's left. And, conversely, even the winner of this season is worse than the the person who was kicked out in the first episode of season one. Really?

Newbies: These people weren't around to be selected in season one. Considering that a lot of them have had jobs in this industry for years, that doesn't hold water either.

No matter how you cut it, someone ends up with egg on their face when there's a second season. [Although not, of course, the executives that rake the cash in for making cheap shows...]


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