Thursday, 8 March 2012


I liked the Tower of Babel arc in the JLA. It makes sense to me that Batman has files on how to take out the various members of the JLA. I agree with him that that is a necessity, and would indeed have a plan to take out Batman as well. So DOOM is the animated version of that arc, with changes and simplifications. (It had a major impact on the JLA, but it's hard to tell if this will have similar repercussions or if the movie will be entirely self-contained in this regard.)

Anyway, the JLA is taken out, largely by drugs in one way or another it seems. So they need to overcome that difficulty and then the wider threat of Vandal Savage. I recognise most of the villains appearing here, but the major fight loses tension when you acknowledge that the heroes have fought and defeated them before (let alone the demands of the script).

The main names return for the characters, Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenburg, with other names like Nathan Fillion, Claudia Black, Alexis Denisof and Olivia d'Abo. The animation style is usual, so the men have huge muscles with thick necks, and the women wear skimpy outfits.

It's a neat story that could have been done longer and deeper, but it's enjoyable what we have here.



Anonymous said...

The problem with having a plan to take out Batman is he will have a plan to counter your plan. So then you have to make a plan to counter his plan to counter your plan, and then he makes another plan to counter your new plan, etc.

Jamas Enright said...

More problematically, you'll find out that he's gone to the dark side when he takes you out...