Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sudden Impact

On the other hand, if you were trying to kill the Dirty Harry franchise, this movie would do it. Oh ye gods, what a horrible movie. There were actively times when I was thinking 'The only reason I am still watching this, is because I'm forcing myself, because it's a Dirty Harry movie. It's definitely not because I'm enjoying it.'

It's like there are two different movies going on, with Harry doing his thing, and whatshername (I can never remember it) doing hers. Occasionally the storylines intersect, but even then tedium abounds. Most of the scenes are repetitive (either hers 'go to place, relive trauma, kill a guy' or his 'people try to kill him again and again and again'), and the overall progression is just so damn slow. It was only in the final minutes that I bothered to engage with it. (And that opening 80s synth track didn't help any.)

The cast didn't excite much either. Yes, we have Albert Popwell back (for his last appearance), but he doesn't do much. Meathead... disappears half-way through the movie, what's up with that? And as for Sondra Locke... Clint may have liked her eyes, but she did nothing for me on any level. Nice to see a young Carmen Argenziano, back when he had hair, but his appearance is too brief.

I hope I can blame the script rather than the director, but it's not a movie that'll ever crop up for rewatching by me again.


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evildicemonkey said...

Been waiting for this one to show up.

The only thing I can really remember about this one is the hot dog/ketchup speech... and the whole point of the hot dog vendor debacle in HC (if you can remember that... actually I don't think you were in that session) was me trying to set up Ulman to recite the lines!