Thursday, 19 July 2012

Amozing Spidderman!

Purely because they want the money, Sony has rebooted Spiderman. Have to say I largely agree with other complaints I've read/watched.

Peter Parker becomes a spider. Curt Connors becomes a lizard. Gwen Stacey becomes a block of wood. A lot of plot threads fail to become anything at all... the real 'amazing' part here is the number of plot points that are brought, but then ignored. It's like they wrote the first half of the movie, then picked which element to make the second half of the movie out of, and do so quickly.

Andrew Garfield, for some reason, only seems capable of one emotion per scene. He acts that emotion to the hilt, but it is only one emotion at a time. Which is more than Emma Stone gets, with her "I'm the supposedly intelligent love interest, but have no character development whatsoever." Rhys Ifans just reminded me of Peter Stormare's Lev Andropov for some reason. Denis Leary clearly outclasses everyone else. And... Martin Sheen and Sally Field? Really? ...really???

At this point, CGI is all over the place. Although I still find it odd that the spider suit looks to be all one piece, yet the head piece comes off and on easily. And what's up with the first-person perspective? Trying to revive Mirror's Edge?

While not going to stop anyone from going to see this, and indeed it didn't stop me, this isn't a movie worth seeing... but, like me, you'll see it anyway.


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