Friday, 21 September 2012

Attend the Escapist Expo

Have you heard about the Escapist Expo? It's on September 14th-16th... you know... last weekend. Did you attend? No? Well, you can see it anyway.

Most of the panels (and I don't have a panel listing within one second of me writing this) are available on the Escapist site. So far there are five videos of panels, and another five panels as audio recordings. As most panels are on the order of an hour, that's a lot of extra content. (As of me writing this, I've seen the videos, and listened to the podcast.... so, yeah, it'll take a while.) More might be added as time goes on.

And some stuff will be available on YouTube, in that the LRR panel will probably be hosted there... and this is the LRR panel from Pax Prime, because the Escapist panel is there.

Maybe next year, if it is on again... but it is in Durham, North Carolina and that sounds extremely out of the way and a lot of effort for three days...


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