Thursday, 20 September 2012

The First Return of the Dark Knight

If you think of major 80s comics, you would name Frank Miller's opus, and Warner Bros have decided to turn it into a cartoon movie. Well, two, of which the first has been released.

And it is pretty much the comic in movie form, with several images straight from the comic. In the first half, we get Batman versus Harvey Dent, and then he's up against the mutants with the help of the new Robin. If you've read the comic, you've seen this movie. (And next movie, we get Frank Miller's Superman!)

If from that, you are thinking 'faithful adaptation', you'd be right. It's a long time since I've read the comic, but this certainly brought back memories. Bob Goodman (screenwriter) had a pretty easy job of it. And it is a decent movie, with WB's usual animation standards working well, and Peter Weller as the voice of the bat.

Part 1 is decent and Part 2... is next year...


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