Friday, 11 January 2013


Minecraft seems to be a big deal. Winner of all sorts of awards. Mojang is big enough now that they don't consider themselves to be indie anymore. However... I'm not interested in the playing of it. I get that people like it. It's got survival, it's got exploration, it's got hours upon years of gameplay... and yet, I just have intention of ever installing it.

Which doesn't stop me from watching a movie about it. This is the story of Mojang, with relating the history of Minecraft, attending with Notch to various conventions, and lots of interviews with other people as they say how much they like the game and various videos of it.

And... while decent enough... not being involved with Minecraft itself does make me not engage with this movie fully. I like a good documentary, but this seemed to be more 'hey, you like Minecraft then watch this movie' rather than 'want to find out about Minecraft? Then watch this movie!' And I've seen lots of great reviews of this from people who do like that game, so I know it works for them.

I guess this is a different perspective. For me, it didn't entirely work. I'm getting used to 2 Player Productions due to their work with Double Fine, so I know they do good work from a more objective view. And yet, from a subjective view... nope.

Worth checking out, but consider your own Minecraft feelings before thinking about what to get out of it.


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