Saturday, 23 March 2013


I really hesitated over watching this movie. While it had good reviews, MacFarlane's humour can be very hit and miss, and... Marky Mark?

So this guy has himself a girl, but his best friend is plush and is getting in the way of the guy and the girl having a life. But then they tour the old Muppet Studios and... no wait... yeah, I just made out Ted to be the dark side version of The Muppets.

Actually, the plot is pretty decent. While it does hit some common 'best friend being a problem' trope, it doesn't completely give in, and still maintains the friendship when you'd expect it not to matter (although that may be because at that part of the movie, they had to move on). And, amazingly, no-one comes across as a complete pratt.

But yeah, Marky Mark. And a lot of people probably hired because Seth wanted to work with. Starting with Mila Kunis, getting more respect than as Meg, we have Norah Jones, Sam Jones and Tom Skerritt.

Overall, better than I thought it would be. Although I did think it would be quite bad.


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