Sunday, 24 March 2013

Quest for the DLC

Indie game time: DLC Quest. Due to watching a video about it, I was interested in it... and as I actually had a copy due to IndieRoyale, hey, it was simply a matter of loading it! (Annoying, I downloaded it direct, but that didn't work. I had to get the Desura version to show up - another annoying thing - then I was able to go.) And it's just come out on Steam. And it comes with its own sequel.

The set up is basically simple. You are the hero, the women gets captured, go get her. But this is entirely deliberate, and points out the inanity of this sort of set up more than once. But the point of it is that most of the levels / mechanics aren't available, and need to be unlocked. (Yes, even movement.)

(Here's where I have a little bit of trouble. There is actual 'downloading' per se, it is just unlocking parts of the game. In a way, it reminded me more of Upgrade Complete, but it's fantasy platformer instead of shooter grind... and grinding is another thing mocked in the game.)

The game is funny and, notably, short. Shorter than what I was expecting. (But hey, it's not like they are charging much for it.) I like platformers, so was happy to jump about, but felt like there could have been another level or two. There are 'awardments' to get, but even so.

Fortunately, there is the sequel Live Freemium or Die Hard! which continues the humour, but is more extensive. And there are new awardments, including two I haven't been able to get, bah!

Yes, fun, and recommend it if you like that sort of thing (the video above gives it a good showing, even if he does, unknowingly, do about half the game.)


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