Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Saxy Aval Ganaos

Was this a student film? A student film of an art film? The taglines for this movie read Comedy, Drama, Thriller... I laughed, just once, half way through the movie, so I'm doubtful.

Let's be honest, if you watch this, it's because of the cast. Seth Green. Katee Sackhoff. Michelle Trachtenberg. Some guy that looks like Alec Baldwin (his brother William). And Michael from Lost.

So, Katee gathers her ex-lovers to meet her current lover, and we find out she more manic than pixie dream girl, and then she pulls some mad stunt that is a brilliant plan or...? It's not clear a lot where this film is going. It's a character piece, definitely, but not one in which I am engaging with this crazy woman. Am I supposed to? There's a moment where we get a pointed piece of backstory that is supposed to explain it all... but that doesn't mean I am going to give her any excuse for the things she does to others. 'Crazy whacked out' is still damaging, even if it's 'crazy cool'.

And the performances aren't that great either. Most of the actors are just giving surface effort, and the changes (such as we get) the characters go through are because of what the script says happen, not from any organic process in the story. The writer, Scott Lew, has written... nothing else I've heard of. Perhaps the actors were all good friends of him or something?

Anyway, a lot less exciting than it might sound. Although reading the one-liner, it doesn't sound that exciting either.


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