Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reign of Winter

[We started a new campaign... but which I mean we spent the entire session creating our characters. And given we didn't finished buying equipment, or deriving all our stats, we didn't even really do that... although we did get really close. Again, this is an actual campaign, for Pathfinder, so spoilers will lie ahead for those of you who are wanting to play this yet.

There are four of us, so we are covering the archetypes. I've got the fighter base, with a barbarian, and we have a cleric, a wizard and a bard. We rolled old-skool for our stats, and if we didn't have a stat at 14 or higher we could reroll. I had to reroll an extra three times... oh yeah, the dice were on my side for this. And then it was into trying to remember how skills and feats and now traits all interacted with each other... I'm going with a particular type of Barbarian, the Invulnerable Rager. Slightly for campaign reasons, but it broadly fit my character concept. And with only 50gp to buy everything with, I'm certainly fitting the barbarian idea of a weapon, some form of amour, and not much else. So, who am I playing?]

My name is Nanoc from the tribe of Nordstrom. We came down from the North many moons ago, and eked out a living in the harsh reality of not-frozen land. Our rampaging ways earned us many respect from the surrounding villages, as they demonstrated with their many hand gestures.While I out foraging, my village was attacked and burnt to the ground, with many large teeth marks and patches of burnt ground and shadows left on the walls of the remaining huts. The other villages said it was the witches from the north that did this, and I should return home and deal with them there, and not to stay around here any more. Very well, I set out, and will make my way north, and will show the witches what it is to take on the might of Nordstrom and I shall be dressed well for the occasion.


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