Sunday, 4 August 2013

Raiding some Tombs

I did say I wasn't going to buy Tomb Raider didn't I? Yeah, well, it was a good sale... by which I mean an expensive sale... sigh. Anyway, I did pick up TR (and the DLC), so I've been playing that. I would like to play more, but just find myself running out of time between trying to catch up with tv shows and rpg audios and watching stuff so I can blog and... So far I've sunk ten hours into it, and hopefully I'm over half way.

One problem I'm having is that there are a lot of cut scenes in this. Most of them are obvious, but there's also a fair few that fit seamlessly into the game play. While that might not sound like much a problem, this does mean there are moments where I'm not sure if I'm doing anything, and others when I'm not sure I'm supposed to do anything. This also can tip into QTE segments, but usually I only fail those once.

There was one bad bit where I kept dying over and over, because I had no idea what to do. Usually if I die, I know that I moved in the wrong direction, or didn't manage the combat properly (shockingly, I'm playing on Normal mode, not Easy!!!). Often there's a ten second cut scene or something, which gets really annoying when you are seeing it over and over again, but it's clear what I'm screwing up. In one case, however, I just had no idea what to do. It looked like I should jump to a beam, but no matter how I moved, that didn't work. It wasn't until I tried pressing different buttons each time around that I finally found out what the game expected me to do (oh, dodge, not move and jump). And then there was the moment where I made the jump and was supposed to trigger a cut scene... but it didn't the first three times. And then there was the cut-scene that froze up, so I had to skip it, even though it was one of the most narratively important ones...

But I have been having fun. I'm not going to talk about the ludonarrative dissonance, because I knew that was there going in. I've raided some tombs (although Lara apparently doesn't like them), which are basically puzzle rooms. I hunted wildlife. And I've got looking for oh so many collectibles... so many collectibles. (That also counts as grinding.)

And soon, I'll get back to it! And then I can watch it being spoiled.


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