Monday, 5 August 2013

Gasland Part II

I saw the first one, so of course I would watch the sequel. Clearly all issues have been sorted out because the attention brought by the first and this movie is just chronicling the obvious changes? Ha, but it is to laugh.

In some ways, this movie is simply a retread of the first. People are living near fracking stations, and the water table is getting screwed, and they can set their "water" on fire. We do get new things in, for example, the EPA did a two year study looking at the impact of fracking on the environment, and just as they were about to release... a political change declared the drinking water safe. Which is a common theme. Money is trumping science. As long as there is money to be earned, and those earning the money are not living where the consequences are, everything is fine. (Not exactly news.) Basically, there is more fracking stations than before, any people are screwed.

There is some effort towards 'hey, look at wind and sun, renewable energies we could use to power the planet instead', but that isn't going anywhere beyond the few idealistic people. Money talks, and the oil companies have all the money.

This is a case of 'second verse, same as the first'. And the song is not a good one (in that the message isn't good, the movie is fine).


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