Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I've talked about Azum... hang on, no I haven't! Okay, that post will be happening soon. It's a slice of life / school / comedy series. I like that genre of anime, and sought out more recently. And found Nichijou. Which, while funny, is no Azumanga Daioh (which, as I said, I will come back to later).

Here there are a few groups we are following, and for the first half of the season (it really feels like two different seasons, but it is listed as only the one), the groups are separate. There are the three school girls, there is the robot girl and the eight year old professor inventor (and the talking cat), and a few others, teachers and students, that we drop in on. The format is very much brief vignettes, some normal school life, some rather odd bits (did I mention the robot?), and it feels rather disjointed.

In the second half, the robot girl goes to school and joins the three, tying those two groups together, but we also jump more around the others. There is an actual on going plot over the episode and over the series, which, as I said, really makes this feel like a completely different take on the series. And I'm not sure we are supposed to invest too much in the other plots because they don't really go anywhere.

The series is fun enough, but the lack of overall cohesion, and the inclusion of Nano (the robot) make this not quite a decent school / slice of life / comedy series.

Fun opening songs (this is the first of two):


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