Thursday, 12 September 2013

Another Ass Kicked

Because little girls swearing is cool, we have another movie! And... it's merely all right.

It's been a few years and Dave has gotten antsy and wants back in on crime fighting. Meanwhile, Hit Girl has been fighting crime, but has to turn it off to be a normal girl. Fortunately, there's a whole superhero gang willing to help out the community... however, there's also a supervillain gang...

And that's about it. There's no real overarching plot worth talking about. The events follow on from the first movie in that most of the characters haven't really grown up and think running about in costumes is a cool idea. And other people join in with that. If they had just not gotten dressed up, this whole movie wouldn't have happened. So... meh. Unless you really care about the characters, it's just some people squabbling amoungst themselves. (And the post-credit scene, while amusing, wasn't that worth waiting for.)

Hit Girl/Mindy tries for an arc of becoming a normal high school student... but it was done better in the Hit Girl comic. For this, we get some low brow humour, because THAT'S FUNNY! Other movies have been derided for going there, but clearly there is where this movie wants to be. (Just cheap and easy, not actually funny.) [Not to mention the "rape is funny" scene.]

I spent a fair bit of the movie going 'where do I know that actor from?', so that was distracting. Probably the oddest connection I made was recognising Lindy Booth... but only now seeing that this was because she was in Relic Hunter, which I've nearly finished watching all the episodes of.

So, the first movie was good. This one is... a sequel.


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