Friday, 13 September 2013

The Wolfyrine

One of the things I wondered about X-men 3 was: why didn't Logan use that anti-mutant drug thing on Phoenix? It instantly nullifies mutant powers, and would have been better than his solution of playing knifey time. Would also have negated a lot of this movie.

Wolfy saved this guy back in WW2, so clearly he should now go to Japan when the guy is dying. And then get caught up in saving this Japanese woman because... because that's what he does. And a lot of people die. Just how many people has Logan killed? A lot. Damn yeah, you should be having bad dreams! But no, he's pining over killing Jean, so we obviously are supposed to care about that, despite that being seven years ago and we didn't care then. Anyway, Logan has become immunocompromised, but that doesn't him sleeping around, but then there's a final battle.

A friend described this as 'a love story without the love'. Yeah, I can see that. Certainly, it's a movie without any passion present in any of the characters. Everyone is just going through the motions of acting in front of the camera, and we can see that... yep, people were present on set that day.

I wouldn't label this movie as a 'cash grab' (especially when it's mainly so Sony/Fox keeps the license), when 'phoned it' will serve perfectly well.


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