Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Reign of Winter

Leaving behind Bill the Pony, we adventures step forth into the portal and arrive in the land of Arisen to the north, far from Teldor. The cold is biting up here, but we continue on. After not too long, we encounter a group of travellers fighting a giant praying mantis, which would be more at home in the land we left. Rushing in, we set about it, although my attacks are more mighty in swing than harsh in damaging [damn low rolls]. The female leader puts the beast out of our irritating at the end, and also aids our dwarf that the mantis was feeding on.

We have basic introductions, but press on as a vicious snow storm is slowly approaching. That night, we camp, and I am much appreciative of it, as the cold has sapped much of my strength. Our bard tells a strange tell, of how we came up from Teldor by ship and across land, although I know not of what he speaks. When I try to explain about winter attacking Teldor, my words are not heeded. We do learn of the pale tower of which we seek, which is under the command of one of the white witches. Also joining us for an evening by the fire is a half fey / half bestial creature, although she does not stay the night.

The next day, on our way to the village [I cannot remember any names, but, hey, Nanoc isn't interested, so that works], we see a swarm of crows come upon us. We try to hide, but they are able to discern our presence and attack. Before they are put to sleep, they manage to attack the eyes of myself and the cleric. I am tired and now blind, and look forward to resting in town.

The town itself is oddly reminiscent of the town of Heldane where we started this misfortune. While they have a cleric, he is unable to help with our blindness, and so I am away to bed. In the morning, my eyes are better, and my northern heritage has awoken in me and I am ready now to face the cold we will be enduring. [Ding! A new level!]

The pale tower awaits, although it is possible we may yet have more business in this town yet...


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